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Life in the Rearview Mirror

I know they tell us not to live life looking in the rear view mirror because we are not going that way...but I have decided that I need a rear view mirror on my riding lawn mower if I value my life...
Today while cutting the trails in the woods I began to notice a rather odd occurrence. It took me longer than it should have despite my hyper attentiveness on my riding lawn mower. I did not always used to be so aware on the lawn mower. In the olden days I used to welcome my time on the riding lawn mower as a mini retreat from life's demands. I would daydream and sing songs as I went round and round the lawn secure in the knowledge that it was just me out there making patterns. Nowadays time on the lawn mower usually means Linda Blair antics as I check out my surroundings in a constant 180 degree swivel. Being charged by a moose while bouncing along on the mower will do that to a person. I consider myself a very alert lawn mower operator these days.
But today it took me longer than i…

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