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Felling. That is what us expert loggers say...'we're felling trees'.  And if you really want to get into expert mode then you say 'I'm gonna lay 'er down right there'.  It is akin to farmers making hay.  At the end of a fine day of haying you say 'I made 1000 bale'...bale remains singular no matter how many bales you made.  If you pluralize that word...well let's just say its amateur hour out in that hayfield.
So to start my project I had to fell me some trees.  If you have followed me on FB or here you will know that I do LOVE chainsawing.  I had a nice little Rancher 55 Husqvarna with a 20 inch blade that I would use to cut quite the swath through our forest.  Typically I am cleaning up deadfall but every now and again I would fell standing dead trees.  Last summer in pursuit of this passion I decided I required an upgrade in chainsaw. I went to my wildfire fighting son figuring he would know a thing or two and asked what saw he used in the wo…

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