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Cow Pile

There is nothing like waking up in the morning to a trail of cow paddies exiting your laneway to get the blood pumping.  While my youngest wailed that she had to get to school suddenly experiencing an overwhelming desire for academia, I informed her that cows trump books and we need to locate the herd.  While she headed into the field to see if the cows were there, I followed the 'cow trail' outside the field to try and figure out how they got out of the field and to see if the horses would be following shortly thereafter.  I noticed the 'cows' hung out at the hay pile for a while and then drank from the heated water trough from the wrong side of the fence before they headed over to the chicken coop and unplugged the extension cord thus leaving the chickens with no heat and frozen water. I also noticed that egg production as lower than usual and wondered if in fact they had gathered eggs in the wee morning hours as well.  The tracks headed up to our house where they pe…

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