The Amplitude of Time

As I stood on the crest of the hill this morning with my whole health group, I marvelled at the passage of time.  Since that year ago when we started on our voyage of discovering ourselves, the meaning of life, the meaning of beagles and all other great knowledge of the universe, our group has grown to include other members and has been sadly diminished by one member.  Watching the sunrise on the horizon I turn to my group and express surprise that a year has passed.  Time really does fly by, I tell them.  Daisy turns to me and says "What is time?"  Feeling flush with the excitement of the start of another school season and eager to impart my knowledge, I open my mouth to provide Daisy with a dissertation on the merits of 'time'.  Before I can get going though, Daisy continues "while time could be considered a nonspatial continuum in which events occur from the past through to the present and onto the future, does time only exist because we choose to measure it?  Can it be said that all things are timeless and that in time, we will discover all?"
Some days it is truly awkward being dumber than a beagle....


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