Fresh New Year, Fresh Adventures...Fresh Eggs!?!

Happy New Year!
I know that we are a couple of weeks into the year and these greetings are a little late; however, I have been waylaid with an unusual development on the ranch.  I have never been one to make resolutions in the new year beyond my ongoing goal to live this adventure called life the best that I can live it. I do enjoy celebrating the start of the new year though and we always have a family dinner where we toast the fresh beginning of the year. So on January 1st, 2017, when John came striding up our forest path with a big smile on his face after visiting the chickens, I thought to myself that he was really getting into our New Years Day festivities.  Then he produced the object that had brought such joy to his face...a little brown egg. That brought our entire household to an abrupt halt in our preparations for our New Years day festivities. You see, despite have a little brown chicken called Charlotte, we do not get little brown eggs.  Since the day that the lovely Charlotte joined our menagerie in March of 2016, she has eaten all of her eggs despite my attempts to dissuade her of this habit.  Apparently the hot mustard trick works for every other chicken in the world except for Charlotte.  In the end, we compromised.  Charlotte could eat her egg as long as she did not eat the eggs of the 87%ers or teach the 87%ers to eat eggs. She held up to her bargain and then in late Fall just stopped laying eggs all together. That was fine with us.  Charlotte's personality more than makes up for the lack of little brown eggs.
When the little brown egg arrived on January 1st, I will confess to a momentary delusion in which I believed that one of the 87%ers had somehow genetically modified herself overnight and started laying brown eggs instead of white eggs. January 2nd dawned accompanied by quite the hustle and bustle down to the chicken coop.  And sure enough there was another little brown egg. I was initially skeptical and thinking that Charlotte may be just teasing us with possibilities but we are now over two weeks into the new year with a little brown egg to account for each day. I don't know if chickens make new years resolutions or if this is just the next leg of our adventure with Charlotte but I do know that she has made the start of 2017 pretty darn amazing. While Charlotte remains nonplussed, the 87%ers and I are standing up and cheering for the little brown egg every morning.
Hope everyone else is off to a great start on their adventures in 2017 too!


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