Raising Roadtrippers

Today I waved good-bye to my boys as they left on a roadtrip.  Yep.  I stayed here and waved good-bye ...and that was hard to do for me.    I am a roadtripper at heart. I love to see what is around each bend...the flora, the fauna, the wildlife, the bend of the road through the landscape as the tires hum along the surface. The freedom to turn your wheel this way or that way and to follow the path of your choice.   It feels so weird for me to stay planted here on the ground as the tires hum along the road without me.  But the boys had an amazing summer full of great experiences and memories that were each unique to them. Part of that summer included them each buying their vehicle of choice.  Aidan finally got his SUP board to cruise the Pacific waves and Morgan got his pickup truck to rumble through the snowcapped mountains.  So as plans were being made for them to return to university and I was desperately trying to schedule that Fall roadtrip back to academia into my schedule, it occurred to me and the boys really at the same time that Morgan could use his choice vehicle to take his brother and his choice vehicle back to the coast before he turned northward bound.  And despite  my best efforts to become a necessary part of this plan, I really wasn't and that is the way it should be. This afternoon I am remembering my first roadtrip as an adult.  John and I loading the Honda Civic and striking off across Canada to new adventures. Such vivid memories of roads unexplored, the freedom of time and the rumble of the road.  I love that they are feeling that now too. I remember well how it feels.
Happy Roadtripping Boys,
Love Mom


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