The Glorious Ravine

In honour of family day, I decided to introduce the beagles to The Ravine.  An hour later when I finally managed to physically drag them both out of the ravine and back up the hill to the farmhouse, they were outraged with me.  Austin kept saying, it was just over that hill all the time...just over the hill.  He seemed near tears.  Daisy wouldn't stop leaning into her leash facing backwards towards the ravine, and refusing to budge or speak with me.  C'mon guys, I tell them.  I had to make sure you were both settled into your new home before I showed you the ravine.  Have you read the beagle bio? demanded Austin.  Yes I have, I tell him.  My god, it is beagle heaven down there....low lying bushes, tunnels, foxes and rabbits as far as the eye can see, Austin continues to rant.  I get that, I tell him.  But I had to make sure that you knew where your home is and that you understood that you cannot be running away there.  We will take regular walks down there now, I promise.  Yeah, yeah, yeah says Austin, can I borrow a pen and paper?  I turn my attention back to Daisy and entreat her to talk to me.  C'mon Daisy, we will go back there regularly, I tell her.  Besides those tunnels are dangerous for you with your current body shape.  Do you not remember getting stuck in the culvert this summer?  I was not stuck, Daisy responds emphatically.  I was just resting for a while.  Well, I responded, you seemed pretty relieved when we pulled you out by your ankles.  I only looked relieved because I farted when you yanked on me, Daisy tells me.  Monty interrupted our exchange by sharing his happy memory of spending three full days down in the ravine shortly after he arrived at the farm.  As Daisy sighed and looked dreamy at the prospect, I told Monty that he was not helping me one bit.  Don't worry Daisy, Austin tells her.  I am almost done my sketches for the tunnel we are going to dig.  Your job is to sneak a fork away from the warden after our next meal.  We are going to need a shiv for this prison break.


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