Standing on Parliament Hill one day during my visit in Ottawa, I see this rather large ominous structure quite close by.  Upon closer inspection, I notice that it is the embassy of our friends the Americans.  Now I really like Americans.  Heck some Americans saved my bacon on the Coastal Trail this summer but this large ominous structure so close to our governing body doesn't feel very friendly.  This observation leads to a debate on the attributes of friendship during our circle time today.  Rose says friends should give you your space to be who you are and still love you even when you are doing something unpleasant like hacking up a furball on the dining room floor during Christmas dinner.  Monty says friends should stick with you through thick and thin and help lead you home like when he runs away from home, and then gets lost and then gets really tired and then Stella stays with him even though he is going really slow to make sure he gets home.  Daisy says friends should let you go first especially with food - at all times.  Austin says friends should be large ominous structures who stay close by your side to make sure that no one hurts you and even frightens you somewhat in the process just like his friend Daisy.  Mmmm I say, now that sounds familiar.  'You wanna make something out of this?' asks Daisy.


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