A Little Comraderie

The energy levels in our group have been quite low.  It is probably because we are missing our friend but I also tell the group that it is also due to the lack of light these days.  Only one more day to go and then the days start getting longer again I tell the group.  In the meantime, while we do not feel like running, maybe we can stretch out our walks abit longer.  The group agrees to do this but only if I will tell them more about the land of Ottawa to help pass the time.  I tell them that Ottawa seems to be a land without beagles.  I did not see a single one in my visit there and I really looked.  I even went up the Peace Tower with binnoculars which our friends the Americans did not like one little bit.  Austin and Daisy say that is too bad because they could really do a lot of good in Ottawa.  We all agree that there is nothing like a beagle to create a feeling of comradie amongst the people attempting to interact with them.  The beagles and I recall an incident that happened during exercise time a couple of weeks ago and we try to imagine how it would go down on Parliament floor.  In this incident, Austin somehow managed to wrap his leash like a tourniquet around Daisy's neck.  As Austin leapt after a falling leaf or some such thing and Daisy made an 'Aack, Aaaack' noise, I finally managed to tackle Austin and relieve the tension on Daisy's neck.  We were all so relieved that Daisy was not seriously harmed that we laughed and hugged each other.  So in our minds we transport Austin and Daisy to the floor of the House of Commons, where we all agree that a little comraderie would be a good thing.  Austin can't resist the opportunity to goose a Page who is bending over to retrieve her lunch from Daisy's mouth.  Unbeknownst to Austin, he has wrapped his leash around the throat of one of the politicians.  As the politician goes 'Aaack, Aaack', the other politicians leap to their aid tackling Austin and relieving the pressure on the politician's neck.  Everyone is so relieved that they laugh and shake hands and behave like one big family.  Yeah right, says Rose.


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