Merry Christmas

Twas the day of Christmas and all through the house
The creature that was stirring was that dratted old mouse
This doesn't make sense exclaims John in frustration
Four cats in the house and the mouse rules the nation.

He looks to the dogs in utter despair
And Daisy responds "I really don't care"
My food comes on platters all served to my liking
Which is why my full figure is so mighty and striking.

Austin volunteers to take after the mouse
John errs in his judgement and lets him loose in the house.
As the presents go flying and the kids scream in glee
Austin lifts up his leg and pees on the tree.

Monty and I shake our heads in such wonder
We sip on our cider and debate who is dumber.
Rose weighs in to shed light on our question
And says really this house had been mine since inception.

With Austin corralled back into his pen
And Daisy selecting cookie number ten
John and the cats devise a new plan
In this Epic battle of mouse versus man.

Though chaos reigns in the Conrad House
And the turkey dinner is enjoyed by the mouse
The whole health group holds their memories so dear
With wishes to you for a Happy New Year.


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