Staying Warm

The group is excited to have me back and beg me to tell of my adventures in the far off land of Ottawa.  I tell them that I once lived in Ottawa a long long time ago and it has really changed since I have lived there.  The weather for instance is much warmer.  When I lived in Ottawa before, it was incredibly cold in the winter time.  Since my time in Ottawa I have lived even further north in Canada and Ottawa remains hands down the most cold place.  I tell my group that after living in Ottawa during the winter, I took a trip up to the Arctic to visit the Gwich'in and ask them to make me a Mother Hubbarb coat just in case I ever lived in Ottawa in the winter again.  All this talk of cold sets Austin to shivering and he wants to know when his sweater will be finished.  Pitter patter, says Austin.  Let's get at 'er.  Keep that up Austin and I will send you to Ottawa in just a sweater.


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