Travel Details

Austin reveals to Daisy during exercise time this morning that while he is quite keen on Ottawa, he does not like to travel.  It apparently makes him quite nervous and he is just not sure that if elected, he could actually make his way there.  This utterly confounds Daisy who tells Austin that travelling is as easy as pie.  Daisy tells Austin that travelling is really just an opportunity to eat and sleep.  Once you get into the backseat of the vehicle, she says, just start shopping around and you would be amazed at what you find.  This new family in particular leaves lots of opportunities in the backseat including sandwiches, french fries, half eaten chicken mcnuggets, apples, pears, juice boxes and the list goes on.  Daisy tells Austin not to concern himself with whether the item is consumable or not as the backseat itself is also apparently quite tasty especially when combined with a small children's toy.  Once you have eaten your fill then it is time to sleep until you arrive at your destination.  The only trick in all of this, says Daisy,  is to make sure when you are sleeping that you snore very loudly.  After all, one needs to mask the sounds of your farts which are an unfortunate result of the off-gassing from eating non-consumable products.


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